Cookbook Series – Great Holiday Gifts


Ojai Valley Vegan Cookbook - COVER

If you are looking for tasty, nutritious and creative recipes that support a vegan lifestyle, then this is the book for you. These recipes aren’t fancy. They were created to appeal to all without regard to specific diet. If you are not vegan that’s OK. This book is for you too!

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So You've Inherited A Vegetarian - 2nd Ed Cover (6x9)

There is nothing better than fresh, home-cooked food. The recipes in this book were created with this in mind. This doesn’t mean my recipes are mundane. They are, in fact, far from it. Look for my Lasagna Azteca or my Grilled Avocados to see what I mean. Who says vegetarian food has to be ordinary?

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Ojai Valley Vegetarian Cookbook - 2nd Edition (COVER) 2

This is a collection of the 120 most popular recipes from the first two years of posts to my Valley Vegetarian blog. There’s nothing fancy here, just plain good home style cooking that appeals to everyone without regard to specific diet. The recipes tend toward comfort food with a taste of Ojai. Many have been published in the Ojai Valley News under the header Chef Randy.

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About Valley Vegetarian

Providing consistently good vegetarian comfort food recipes. Real food for real people.
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