Ojai’s Epicurean East End

AAA - OVVG Summer 2016 Page 132Go to page 132 of the latest Ojai Valley Visitors Guide to see my article on exploring Ojai’s east end restaurants.  http://www.ojaivalleynews.com/VG/2016summerVG/SMVG2016.html


About Valley Vegetarian

Providing consistently good vegetarian comfort food recipes. Real food for real people.
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One Response to Ojai’s Epicurean East End

  1. Bill Niemeyer says:

    Hi Randy, I am so delighted that you have found something that you are so passionate about. Far cry from working for the state, even though we had some great times. I have another friend, Allen, whom you may remember, that left state service to pursue his dream and has made a great success of it. He is an actor, director, producer and drama teacher, and loves every minute of it. He and a friend have a small theater in Folsom and have put on some great plays, always to a packed house.

    Any way, I just wanted you to know how happy I am for you and Robin. I also enjoy getting the “Valley Vegetarian” and have saved several of the recipes even though I am not a Vegetarian.



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