Tortellini Spinach Mushroom Skillet for Two


Photo: Randy Graham, Valley Vegetarian

Quick, easy, tasty!

A simple pan sauce, pasta, and fresh vegetables are just what you need on a hot summer day. This nutritious recipe barely heats up the kitchen and is easy to prepare. What could be better for a mid-week dinner for you and your family? Serve with a fresh loaf of French bread and this makes a complete meal for four people. Double the recipe if you are really hungry!

9 ounces refrigerated three-cheese tortellini
6 tablespoons butter (divided)
6 ounces fresh mushrooms (sliced)
2 cloves garlic (minced)
¾ cup dry white wine
1/3 cup oil-packed dried tomatoes, coarsely chopped
1 teaspoon dried basil, crushed
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes
6 cups fresh baby spinach (chopped course)

Prepare tortellini according to package directions. Drain, reserving ¼ cup of the cooking water. Set aside.

Meanwhile, in a large skillet, melt 1 tablespoon butter over medium heat. Add mushrooms and garlic. Cook about 5 minutes or until mushrooms are tender, stirring occasionally. Stir in wine, tomatoes, basil, salt, red pepper flakes and reserved pasta water.

Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for about 6 – 7 minutes or until liquid is reduced by half. Stir in remaining butter, 1 tablespoon at a time, until melted.

Remove from heat. Stir in tortellini and spinach until spinach is just wilted. Serve immediately.

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