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I was never sure how to put a slow cooker to good use for vegetarian meals, since so many slow cooker recipes seem to focus on meats. So, I was delighted by Randy’s new collection of slow cooker recipes specifically for vegetarian dishes. I’m working my way through it – favorites so far are the Southwest Vegetarian Stew, Navy Bean Soup, and Risotto with Barley. Randy’s directions are always clear and easy to follow. Love having a both a quick and a “nutritious” version of most recipes – I did a little mixing and matching of ingredients between the versions, which worked great. I also appreciated the good tips on food safety with slow cooking, as that is an issue that has always concerned me. And the history section was fun! In short, this cookbook has given me a lot more confidence in slow cooking vegetarian dishes and feeling comfortable with improvising my own takes on the recipes. Thanks for another great cookbook Chef Randy! – Carol M.

Slow cooker meals are my go-to during the busy fall and winter months. I appreciate that the author provides two recipe versions, ‘quicker’ and ‘nutritious’. The ‘quicker’ versions use a few short cuts, like canned or frozen vegetables but are just as satisfying. I especially like that the ‘quicker’ recipes use ingredients you likely have in your pantry or your freezer. I made the Butternut Squash Stew, Chili Verde and Spinach, Bean and Sausage. All were delicious and received compliments at the dinner table. The Spinach, Bean and Sausage was especially tasty and filling without being too heavy. Great variety of flavor profiles too! – Lori H.

I love and use all of Randy’s Graham’s cookbooks and have been looking forward to “Ojai Valley Slow Cooker Cookbook” after trying some of the delicious new recipes. I highly recommend this and all of his cookbooks. Great food for friends and families. Always a popular and appreciated holiday gift too! – Rae H.

I’m not a single mom, but I love this book. Nineteen slow-cooker recipes, many paired with a quick alternative. Brilliant concept! My favorite is Curried Vegetable and Chickpea Stew. And then there’s Alphabet Soup for the kids (of all ages). Even Mikey likes it! – Lol S.

Just made the Sausage, Bean and Spinach soup! It was easy, quick to make and delicious. Love all of Randy’s cookbooks and intend to use them forever. Keep ’em comin’!! – Lynn G.

I am always on the lookout for slow cooker recipes and I was excited to receive my copy of Randy’s new Slow Cooker Cookbook. It’s nice that there are two versions of the recipes…the “nutritious” version and the “quicker” version. Let’s face it, as busy as we are these days, it’s nice to have something that can be put together in a few minutes. I made the Chili Verde (nutritious) for dinner tonight and it was the best I’ve ever eaten. The house smelled so good I could barely wait for it to be finished. An added bonus is that the recipes don’t call for hard-to-find ingredients! I’m looking forward to making more of the recipes this week…next will be Risotto with Barley and then Apple Butter! Thanks for such a great book! – Heather R.

Chef Randy’s latest cookbook in the Ojai Valley Vegetarian Cookbook series is what every person who works hard and doesn’t always have time to cook nutritionally. I have cooked 4 of the 19 “nutritious” meals and enjoyed each one. My favorite so far is the Navy Bean Soup recipe because it is so easy to make and is the freshest, tastiest soup I’ve had in a long time. If you are a single mom, do yourself and your children a favor: buy this book. If you have no children at home but just like to eat healthy and hearty, do yourself (and perhaps your partner) a favor and cook from this book once a week. You won’t be disappointed. – Robin G.

Great recipes for the slow cooker. It includes vegetarian recipes as well as recipes for the same dishes with meat. It also gives a quick version and a nutritious version for each recipe. Very easy to follow, filled with lots of great tips for basic recipes. – Stacy A.

I was so pleased with this Book , Ojai Valley Slow Cooker Cookbook . It is so easy to read and follow recipes and makes it FUN . I really enjoyed the little bits of info and history about the slow cooker. I have to say, the 2 different  (quick or nutritious ) options is my favorite part of this cookbook. I look forward to trying all the recipes over time. If I’m in a hurry or have spare time to enjoy the longer recipes , I know I’ll have a yummy recipe that suits my needs . Great Book ! – Pat F.

What a great concept! Sometimes you need to make a quick meal and sometimes you want to take more time and use fresh ingredients. This wonderful slow cook book gives you options Thank you Randy Graham for your dedication to great vegetarian meals. – Marcia M.

This is my first cookbook from Randy Graham. The book has a unique setup with a quick version of the recipe if I don’t have time to chop all the fresh herbs! But the book also gives you the nutritious option as well when you have time to add all the fresh ingredients. I really needed a cookbook that gave me some new healthy vegetarian options for my crockpot! Thanks so much for this wonderful solution. It has recipes that will be used year-round. – Jennifer A.

Well, I have to say, the Curry Vegetables and Chickpea Stew put a smile on my wife’s and my face. The book intrigued me from the start. In the introduction, Randy mentions that every recipe was “distinctly different from one another”. I looked back at the table of contents and found a good variety of main ingredients and cultures. He had me at “distinctly different”. Next I was surprised by the section on the History of the Slow Cooker. Really?? Yes, really!!! Really interesting. Next section was Slow Cooker Safety. Important info that most folks don’t even think about; like me. I learned several things that I didn’t know before.

Now on to the recipes. I was amazed by the variety of ingredients in the recipes. As I flipped through the recipes, quite a few caught my eye. I really had trouble deciding which one to try first. I settled on #9, Curried Vegetables and Chickpea Stew. I made the nutritious version. Very easy to follow instructions and easy to find ingredients. A couple of the ingredients I didn’t expect to find. Even tho I thought some of the proportions were off, I followed the recipe. It came out delicious and everything was well balanced. I’m looking forward to the Lentil Stew with Sausage next. Yum. – Tom O.

Today we made the Chik’n Tikka Masala (nutritious) version and love it! We aren’t vegan so we used real chicken tenders. The recipe was so easy to follow and the aromas filled the house quickly. The broth is nice and warn and slightly spicy. The chicken is tender and pulls apart easily and is soaked with the sauce. This will be a Fall staple in our family and I am so happy to have an easy chicken recipe to make in the future. We served it over rice for my husband and I ate it as is (since I try to avoid carbs). – Donna L.

A unique slow cooker cookbook with your choice two ways to prepare the recipes quick and get it done or one nutritious using fresh ingredients. Randy nails these recipes with simple instructions and easy to find ingredients making healthy meal preparation a joy! – Katrina S.

It’s headed into the time of year when crock pot cooking comes to mind, cooler days and nights. I made The Savory Vegetarian Stew and am very pleased with the results but have a confession. Not being a vegetarian, and living with an avid meat-eater, I substituted stewing beef for the tofu in the recipe. I decreased the liquids just a bit to accommodate this and to fit everything into my somewhat smaller crock pot. It smelled wonderful while cooking and made a very delicious meal. I like to use whole, fresh ingredients but appreciate that the cookbook includes recipe alternatives for those times when a shortcut is appreciated. – Frances L.


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