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Mar 17 2019 - Private Pizza Class #7

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I have been a vegetarian since August 1975 and eat local and organic grain, fresh fruit, and vegetables as much as possible. I enjoy cooking for friends and family using ingredients from backyard vegetable and herb gardens. My food is often called vegetarian comfort food. My column, Chef Randy, is syndicated in California newspapers. My wife, Robin, and I live in Ojai, California with our dog Willow.

Robin and Willow are not vegetarians.

Seven Layer Crepes
Photo: Anthony Plascencia – VC Star

Here’s an article that appeared in the Fall 2014 edition of the Ojai Quarterly magazine on pages 76 and 77 (thank you Lisa Snider):

OQ Fall 2014 - Full Frame


Guest chef gigs at The Lavender Inn:

Lavender Inn Chef Gig - May 14 2016 (Collage ) copy



Lavender Inn - Mar 18 2018 - Slow Cooker #3

Lavender Inn - Class Participants #1 - Aug 28 2016


Team building pizza classes at the Lavender Inn:

Setting up for Patagonia Pizza Class Aug 28 2018

Patagonia Aug 28 2018 - #00

Pizza Class - Aug 13 2017 - #5

Lavender Inn Cooking Class Private - June 30 2018 #10

Lavender Inn Pizza Class - private #2 - Oct 25 2017


Guest Chef Gigs at Euterpe Farms:






Euterpe Farms May 8 2018 - Randy and Robin (credit Zoe Murdock)

Oak Grove School, Bessant House (pizza class team building):

Oak Grove School - Bessant House Pizza Class - Aug 28 2017

Oak Grove School - Bessant House Pizza Class #4 - Aug 28 2017

Oak Grove School - Bessant House Pizza Class #7 - Aug 28 2017


Montessori School of Ojai



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