Ojai Valley Gluten-Free Cookbook

AAAAA Cover Image - Ojai Valley Gluten-Free CookbookAre you new to gluten-free cooking and looking for a cookbook you can trust? If yes, then this book of 100% gluten-free and nutritious recipes is for you. The vast majority of the recipes in this book are simple and easy to prepare. The balance of recipes are simple enough but may take longer to get from prep to table because of bake times. My hope is that you will enjoy them as much as my friends and family have enjoyed them.



– Made in Ojai –

– Ojai Medicine Shoppe –

– Ojai Village Pharmacy –

 The Oaks at Ojai –

The Ojai Museum –

– Tri-County Produce –


Ojai Coffee Roasting Co.

Made in Ojai

Ojai Certified Famers’ Market


“I’m not on a gluten-free diet, but I do live a vegan lifestyle and have thoroughly enjoyed Chef Randy’s previous vegetarian and vegan cookbooks. I have several friends and family members who for one reason or another require gluten-free foods and I’m super excited to test out Chef Randy’s gluten-free recipes on them. What I love: The recipes are easy to follow, the stories before each recipe are heart-filled, and the ingredients required are easy to find, fresh, and good for the body and soul.” – BN11

“I always look forward to Chef Randy’s next Ojai Valley cookbook offering and Gluten-Free has not disappointed. Even before getting to the Table of Contents, just the picture of the Grilled Avocados on the front started my mouth watering. Chef Randy’s comments before each recipe make great reading all by themselves. What I find of most value though is that my 13-year-old granddaughter has been told by a doctor she should strongly consider a gluten-free diet….I’m getting this book in her hands immediately. She loves to cook and this will be perfect for her”. – Pecos Pean

“Love this cookbook. I like how Randy has separated the Vegan and All Recipe Index for easy reference and the definitions for Gluten Intolerance, Wheat Allergy and Celiac Disease. Can’t wait to try out some of these delicious looking recipes. Thanks for writing another great cookbook!” – Lynn G.

“I like Randy’s chatty comments before the recipes. It feels real neighborly. I have been gluten free for several years and I have really missed not eating lasagna. I tried gluten free noodles once, no good. Randy’s recipe was tasty and filling. I plan to add it to my regular rotation of favorite meals. Even my husband who prefers meat liked this recipe. Randy said it makes enough for two, I would say for four! This is much tastier and more filling than eggplant parmesan too. Next week I intend to make the Nutty Meat Loaf.” – Dianne B.

“When I first got Randy’s new book Ojai Valley Gluten-Free Cookbook I did a general perusal. Towards the end of the book Randy shares some insights into “Gluten Intolerance, Wheat Allergy, and Celiac Disease”. This is where light bulbs go on and ‘Aha!’ moments happen. The recipes in Randy’s book don’t just taste good, they help you stay healthy. I recently heard an expert say we’re getting close to a point where sickness is optional. Today many of us choose to get sick through lifestyle choices. Randy’s book might not keep us from ever getting sick but it will make healthy living a lot more enjoyable.” – Chris L.

“I’m a teenager with gluten problems. This cookbook provides amazing recipes that are healthy and creative. I love to cook, and I love to eat good food with healthy ingredients, and with this book, I have access to recipes that I love!” – MsMae

“I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan. I don’t require a gluten-free diet. I don’t live in the Ojai Valley. And honestly, I don’t even like to cook. But I can always depend on Randy’s cookbooks to provide me with creative and easy recipes using fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs so that I actually want to cook. Ojai Valley Gluten-Free Cookbook is another “must have” for me; I can make these dishes without buying a lot of unusual ingredients that I’ll use only once, and the flavor combinations just taste so good. It’s great to open a cookbook where I am confident that even a new recipe will quench my hunger for fresh plant foods cooked into beautiful mixtures. I know that no matter where I live (I don’t live anywhere near Ojai), I will always have Randy’s vegetable- and fruit-based recipes to keep me motivated to cook and eat the foods I love, even if I’m not an official vegetarian. I love this book!” – Gaye L.

“I’ve had this cookbook a week and am loving it. Of course the food is tasty, and the best parts are the ease of using Randy’s recipes, his obvious passion for good food and the very welcoming writing style.” – AKM


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