Ojai Valley Grill It Cookbook

Photo: Randy Graham, Valley Vegetarian



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Some of the freshest ideas for your Veg-Vegan Grill! From sauces to grits, salads
patty’s and pizza (including the Panko Portobello Burger🍴) a great guide to
simple and innovative eating! – Beth K.

Just when I thought Chef Randy may have run out of ideas for a new cookbook, he came up with the Ojai Valley Grill It Cookbook. We have used many recipes from all of Randy’s cookbooks for over two decades. Not only are the recipes inspiring, but the personal notes scattered throughout are fun to read. – Linda S.

For a guy who lives in Texas, barbecue and vegetarian in one sentence is an oxymoron. I started going through the Table of Contents and found myself thinking “hey, I don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy these recipes”. Then it hit me…..I grill onion, corn on the cob and peppers, why have I been limiting myself to just those? This book has opened up a whole new world that I’m really looking forward to exploring. Have to admit though, and this will cause some cringing, there will still be steak and sausage next to the veggies most of the time. – Pecos Juan

Chef Randy does it again with his latest cookbook. I got hungry just flipping through it. He has cooked up a new batch of tasty grilling ideas perfect for those weekend get-togethers. I love how even though he is an accomplished chef, his recipes inspire not intimidate. He has demystified vegetarian cooking and made it cool and fun. I seriously can’t wait to make his Eggplant, Halloumi, and Pesto Burger. Yum! – Ojai Heather

Whether your diet leans to vegan or keto (like mine- keeping it real), grilling is the common denominator. And even if I throw a steak on the barbie, there’s going to be a veggie side. That’s where ideas from. Randy’s book has really helped me out. And don’t skip the first section on grill safety. Nothing spoils a relaxing barbecue like a nasty grill fire or an exploding propane tank. Thanks, Chef Randy for another winner. In fact, this might be your best yet. – Average Guy

Chef Randy never ceases to amaze me with not only the explosions of flavor but also his meal displays. I have found ingredients in Chef Randy’s recipes I’ve never heard of that now have become some of my favorites. I loved the asparagus with mustard vinaigrette and California Quesadilla just to name a couple. Don’t let the words vegan/vegetarian fool you if you’re a meat lover because I am as well and MAN, I’m loving these recipes. To top it off, he adds recipes for marinades, sauces, and drinks to serve with the dishes. This is definitely another recipe book every kitchen should have. – Sandy W.

The first section, containing helpful hints, thoroughly covers grill questions I wouldn’t even have thought to ask! As usual, with Chef Randy’s wonderful books, recipes are diverse, delicious and interesting, yet easy to duplicate. Only have had a chance to make a few so far. The chili-cumin butter for corn on the cob is a new favorite! Looking forward to trying more. Love the beverage section, fun bonus! Highly recommend. – J.S. Stanley

My barbecue will never be the same. It had no idea what was possible…and neither did I. The neighbors think I’m limited to steaks and burgers…but not anymore! Thanks, Randy! – NWM

As mentioned in an earlier review, I too am Keto and Randy’s book has inspired me to grill more veggies alongside my meat. I’ve been using this book weekly to add new flavors to my way of eating and my family concurs with me that our meals are tastier. Thank you, Chef Randy, for inspiring me and others to cook “outside the box”. – Alison

Since we do a lot of grilling and are trying to eat less meat I was really excited when I got this cookbook. The first dish I tried was the Panko Portobello Burger and Asparagus with EVOO. Delicious. Today we made the Balsamic Vegetable Medley. Another hit. I can hardly wait to try more of these delicious and easy recipes. Thank you, Chef Randy, for another great cookbook. – Cheryl M.