Ojai Valley Instant Pot Cookbook


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I’ve enjoyed the author’s previous cookbooks so I was sure this one designed for use with the InstandPot would be winner and we weren’t disappointed! The author has some great tips and quick reference charts for various cooking times in the InstantPot.

Since we’ve been cooking at home a lot more due to the recent pandemic sheltering in place, we have been able to try several of the recipes and have found some new favorites – such as the Hearty Chili Bean Soup, Vegan Minestrone Soup and Mushroom Goulash. On my list to get ingredients for to try are the Onion Soup with Guinness and the Ravioli and Rosemary soup. We still eat a little fish and poultry at times, but have found these hearty recipes completely satisfying and with only two of us, a pot of soup/stew can help carry us through a week. If you’re new to the InstantPot, I’d highly suggest getting this book, especially if you’re not already a strict vegetarian or vegan – you won’t be disappointed!     – J. Foster

Got an Instant Pot during the holidays, but was afraid to use it…this cookbook took care of all my fears, as I’m easily making one great Chef Randy recipe after another…highly recommend! – Linda K.

I’ve been using my Instant Pot for a couple of years now and find the “set it and forget it” aspect the best part about it. No stirring or checking. I got the Ojai Valley Instant Pot Cookbook, by Randy Graham, a couple weeks ago and I zipped on over to the store to pick up ingredients for several recipes. We have loved everything we tried so far. My personal favorite is the Irish Cheddar and Broccoli Soup, but we have lots more delicious looking recipes to still try. We are not vegetarians but we do enjoy a nutritious meatless meal now and then. You can’t go wrong with this cookbook. – P. Brown

Neither Laurie nor I are vegetarians every day, but once or twice a week we try to eat meatless. It’s not just healthy; it’s better for the planet. And there’s nothing tastier or homier than a soup or stew, long-simmered on the back burner of the stove. But unless it’s the weekend, who’s got time? These recipes taste like they they took a long time, but with a multi-cooker, cooking times are slashed. And if you do have the time to simmer and stir, or find yourself in an Instant Pot-less kitchen- they’re STILL great recipes! They represent a wide variety of cuisines and are introduced with personal reflections and self-effacing humor. Looking forward to cooking my way from cover to cover. Well done! – Scaramouche

Randy Graham writes very good cookbooks and this one is my favorite!! Not only are there great vegetarian recipes for the Instant Pot but Graham includes interesting history about their origins. For those intimidated by the Insta Pot, as I was, this is the answer!! – Margarete W.

My husband and I received our cookbook in the mail and right away tried two recipes. It was easy to follow, and the recipes were absolutely delicious! My favorite thing to do is to double the recipe and freeze the rest, so this is what we did. It was so easy to do this. I have been intimidated by our Instapot ever since we got it, but Randy’s book was so easy to follow! He also has a really sweet sense of humor, so there were a few stories in there about his early days of cooking that made us laugh. I loved the book! It’s on the shelf with the other “special” cookbooks. – Killashandra

We have owned two of Randy Graham’s cookbooks now. First we had the Ojai Valley Slow Cooker Cookbook, loved it, and we now have his latest, the Ojai Valley Instant Pot Cookbook. In the introduction he mentions that he was hesitant to use, or even try an Instant Pot for a very long time. Well, it seems that he tried it, he liked it, and the result is a very user friendly and innovative cookbook. Of the 40 recipes Randy has presented, there are some old favorites (some with a new twist), and many with new ideas and ingredients.

So far we have tried two of the recipes. The first was “Butternut Squash Soup”. I would describe it as a big or bold soup. The squash holds its shape and the chickpeas and onions added a good substance to the whole thing. Try his recommendation of adding a squeeze of lemon to your bowl. Wow. Easy to prep. And who doesn’t like to mince garlic?

The second was “Leek and Potato Soup”. Cut up leeks, onions, and spuds. Saute onions *in* the Instant Pot. Add everything else, set the timer, and come back when it’s done. Simple. It’s delicious, too.Whole pieces of potato mixed up with onions and leeks in a hearty, semi-thick base. A very satisfying meal. – Tommyo

Randy Graham has done it again! His book, “Ojai Valley Instant Pot Cookbook” is a must have. First, Randy explains what an Insta Pot is, and then gives great tips on cooking and cooking times. His recipes for vegetarian soups and stews are easy to read and quite detailed. I like the large print. I stack the book against the wall, open the to recipe I need and can see the print from my cooking area. Whether you are an insta pot newbie or have been using your machine for a while, you will find this cookbook an invaluable addition. – Sandy G.