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As someone who doesn’t cook, nor has much knowledge about food preparation or cooking techniques, but is ready to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle, this book has become an invaluable resource for me! The meal-planning ideas for make-ahead meals, as well as ways to store food and meals in a healthy and safe way, have made the whole process of becoming vegetarian far less daunting for me, And each of the recipes I’ve tried so far have been excellent…it’s like Randy Graham has read my ‘culinary mind’ when writing this book…I cannot recommend it highly enough!  — Linda K.

Being a vegetarian can sometimes be a challenge when trying to find interesting meals to prepare. I have long admired Randy Graham and his cooking skills and I am so grateful to have this Ojai Valley Make Ahead Cookbook for inspiration. Following Randy’s easy instructions for 52 delicious vegetarian recipes should keep me serving healthy meals. Being a morning person, I love that his recipes can be made ahead and will hold well. He even tells you which ones will freeze well and which ones can be refrigerated. Meal planning and shopping is made easy when you just spend a few minutes looking through the recipes and deciding what you want to eat in the upcoming week. Thank you Randy for sharing your expertise!! — M. Morris

As the wife of a retired chef cookbooks have been our lives for over 30 years! This delightful new cookbook by Chef Randy Graham is a MUST for anyone. The idea is inspired. Making 3 or 4 (or more) meals when you have the time and either freezing or refrigerating is a great concept. That way on those busy days or days when you just don’t feel like cooking you have a home cooked meal waiting in your frig or freezer. I only wish I had this book when my kids were little. Randy’s writing style is comfortable and easy to understand. His menu descriptions make you want to try everything in this book. While all the recipes are vegetarian they are hearty and satisfying. I recommend this book to anybody who either cooks or eats. — Dianne F.

Ojai valley make ahead cookbook is wonderful! The recipes are easy to follow and unique. There is something for everybody in this cookbook. The description of every recipe makes your stomach growl and jaws water. It perfectly combines healthy and hearty recipes with the ease and convenience of make ahead meals! I recommend this book to anyone looking to add a few(52!) Great recipes to their repertoire — Melani J.

I love Randy’s “Make-Ahead” recipes in this book. I had it one day and already made a mac n cheese. The directions were precise and ingredients simple. I like recipes that are not convoluted with so many items that you end up spending so much money making sure you have everything needed to make it. The prep was easy and the end result was super yummy!! I would recommend this book to everyone who cooks at home!! — Star M.

I find the concept of Make Ahead meals very appealing. Many of Randy’s recipes have ingredients that I usually have on hand. Robin’s Tortilla Soup has a fresh bright flavor that is really satisfying. The Eggplant Parmigiano-Reggiano is cheesy and a real comfort food. This is a very user friendly cookbook. —  Amazon Customer

As a longtime fan of food prepping and meal planning, I was thrilled to try Randy’s Make-Ahead Cookbook! His explanation of the benefits of make-ahead meals, along with tips on how to set up your own routine, was easy to follow for both novice and seasoned cooks alike. The recipes are delicious! I immediately marked 4 recipes I wanted to try right away and they did not disappoint. I made the vegan Chick’n Enchiladas and my husband thought they were incredible. He wanted to be sure we had enough for another night. We did, and still had more to freeze for another meal. The Lemony Artichoke Turnovers are divine – definitely worth the prep time! Randy’s twist on collard greens had this southern girl heading back for seconds. The Burnt Marinara in the Three Cheese Lasagna is my new favorite. While our family is not vegan or vegetarian, we now have more creative ways to eat less meat. I can’t wait to share this delightful collection of tasty recipes with all my friends! —  Teresa S.

I spent over twenty years as a vegetarian in my younger years, but as my career expanded, I didn’t have time for the preparation and opted for more prepared foods. Since I retired and went back to a vegetarian diet, I was at a loss for new, interesting, yet uncomplicated recipes until I discovered Chef Randy’s new book, Ojai Valley Make-Ahead Cookbook!I love the simple, easy steps which yield an impressive assortment of tasty dishes made from fresh, whole foods! Now I feel healthier and happier because I’m eating what resonates with my body. And did I mention that the recipes are EASY? Even my non-vegetarian friends are impressed by the tastes, textures and presentation of Randy’s gourmet dishes – they think I cooked all day!My favorite recipe is the Chana Masala, but I always make-ahead and keep some Hearty Quinoa Burgers in the freezer, just in case I get home late and need to throw together a quick dinner.Thank you, Randy Graham, for making my life even more fun and delicious! — Nani L.

I am in love with this cookbook! As a single mom this is a great way to provide healthy food for my son while being able to have good quality time with him! The recipes are simple and easy to follow as well as super yummy and good for you too!! This book has brought a lot of good healthy food and family time into our home! We fully recommend it! — Andrea N.

I have tried meal prepping on and off for quite some time and always seem to give up on it. Randy’s opening tips on prepping and the best ways to store after prep were so helpful. I opened the book and immediately dog-eared the recipes I wanted to try (there were so many, how would I choose?) I am not a vegetarian myself, but I have friends who are, and these meals are so delicious anyone will love them. I like knowing that I have meals ready-to-go in the freezer (and plenty enough to share) should friends or family drop by. This is one cookbook that I will use over and over again. — Leslie M.

I love this cook book. At first I was confused because I went straight to the recipes so you have to read the introduction to understand the meaning and intent of the recipes. They are separated into two categories. One for frozen and the other refrigerated. This was so helpful with meal prepping. I made the enchilada recipe and it was delicious. — Sylvia G.

Saving time, reducing kitchen cleanup, and avoiding “the witching hour” caused by hungry people waiting for meal prep to conclude- what’s not to like about these choices? Randy Graham’s new cookbook provides tasty and nutritious recipes that allow you to cook when you want instead of on demand. The Lemony Artichoke Turnovers are tasty and are a great appetizer. — Lisa M.

I have to say that one of the hardest parts about my life is the meal planning and prepping, I can just hardly ever get it right. These recipes are especially wonderful for me, vegetarian mostly and a lot of vegan, AND, more than half of the recipes are for the freezer. I made the Brown Rice & Black Bean casserole right off the bat, and it was awesome. These are really easy, REALLY easy, and if you’re on a tight schedule and need to plan ahead, this is the perfect collection of recipes for you. Check these out: Orzo Pasta with Asiago Cheese, Vegetarian Jambalaya, Asparagus and Gruyere Quiche, and the next thing I’m planning to make, Burrata Lasagna. SO many great recipes here, it was really had to know where to start! — Robin P.