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These recipes aren’t fancy. They were created to appeal to all without regard to specific diet. If you are looking for tasty, nutritious and creative recipes that support a vegan lifestyle, then this is the book for you. If you are not vegan that’s OK. This book is for you too! Who would not enjoy my Fresh Gaucamole, Harissa-Spiced Potatoes with Lemon or How to Grill The Perfect Artichoke recipes?



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Two of my favorite vegans: Book launch at Vegan Mario’s Organic Kitchen

Vegan Mario's Book Launch - Nov 7 2015 #1 (Angie Cordeiro and Pam Prince) (800pix)

Pontificating on the merits of the vegan diet/lifestyle @ Mario’s

Vegan Mario's Book Launch - Nov 7 2015 (800 pix)

Ojai Certified Farmers’ Market

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The Lavender Inn Book Signing/Boutique

Randy - Lavender Inn Boutique - Dec 20 2015

Ojai Culinary School – Cooking from my new vegan cookbook!

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The Lavender Inn – Cooking for guests. What a blast!

Lavender Inn Guest Chef (tapas) - May 14 2016 #9 copy Lavender Inn Guest Chef (tapas) - May 14 2016 #3 copy Lavender Inn Guest Chef (tapas) - May 14 2016 #12 copy

The Kim Pagano Show (KVTA 1590 AM)



Katie A. – We are not vegans in our household, but we have made changes in our food choices to incorporate healthier dishes and meals. Mr. Graham’s recipes are not only healthy but are also tasty and satisfying. For instance, try making the “Berkeley Granola”, and you will never eat a store-bought granola again. The “Mushroom Bourguignon” does take some time and is well worth it (I promise you won’t miss the beef!) His “Mulligatawny Soup” is lightly curried and is a favorite of ours. The great thing about this cookbook is that we realize how easy it is to lean into vegan choices without sacrificing flavor whatsoever. If you are not vegan or vegetarian, I highly recommend sticking your toe in the water….you might be pleasantly surprised.

Brian L. – This is an impressive collection of recipes, and I look forward to trying lots of them out. We believe that food is medicine and Randy encourages us all to eat local, eat well, and eat fresh. My wife and I have been mostly vegetarian since the early 70’s, and we do love dairy. Yet, when I read through the 113 recipes, I know that I won’t miss it at all. Thank you Randy for your commitment to offering recipes for our joy in cooking, eating and living.

Beth K. – One of Ojai Valley’s best..Randy Graham’s new cookbook is simple and inspiring!
From the crispy polenta and lemon kale crostini, or how to grill an artichoke… Mushroom
Bourguignon, Gumbo…and so much more! I’m very excited about this new cookbook.

Chris L. – We didn’t have Randy’s new book “The Ojai Valley Vegan Cookbook”, in our house more than 30 minutes before my wife, the real cook in the house, claimed it. We’re not vegans or even vegetarians but this book has a bunch of “can’t miss” recipes sure to please your guests no matter what camp they’re in. Even if you’re an accomplished griller you’re going to want to read section 57 for tips on how to grill the perfect artichoke. I love the way Randy makes this book personal with family insights like section 12 where he talks about his son Robert’s love of cooking and the tips that Robert passed up the family tree. And for those of you who are like me and don’t especially like kale, I’m thinking Randy might not either. I’m sure there are some in there, but I didn’t see a single recipe that included kale.

Lynn G. – What a great cookbook! The recipes are easy to follow and the cookbook is so varied with so many interesting recipes to try out. I love the way he incorporates his own personal comments in every recipe that he has put in his book. I think this gives it a warmer and loving touch to it. Even if you’re not vegan, everyone needs this book! A very healthy way to eat. 

Ray M. – Attention meat eaters…think outside the box! The Ojai Valley Vegan Cookbook was a game changer for me and my family. As a household, prior to reading Ojai Valley Vegan Cookbook, our core group had a Mediterranean diet mixed with some beef and chicken. After reading and preparing some of Mr. Graham’s vegan recipes, the resulting culinary cuisine caused a paradigm shift in our eating habits. We value the author’s explanations on the history of some of the fare, and we also appreciate not only the simplicity of the recipes, but the end results are truly mouth watering and succulent! It is not only great food, but for any layman in the galley, it is enjoyable to concoct. After savoring these recipes for the last few weeks, we have never felt more fit physically, and we also feel better knowing our carbon footprint of buying local fruits, vegetables, legumes and other foods is helping to keep things a little “greener” around our community. In review, the Ojai Valley Vegan Cookbook scores a “10” on all levels……. reading, understanding the recipes, ease of execution, and eating the vegan way!!

Lisa S. – I am not a vegan, but there are plenty of tasty and satisfying recipes in here for me. The recipes are very accessible and the brief anecdotal stories that accompany each are a pleasure to read. My favorite parts are the indexes — one by recipe and one by ingredient.

John G. – I looked over this book from Chef Randy while I was eating a choice New York strip steak. Since I hadn’t cooked any vegetables, looking at the recipes seemed like the next best thing. But then my cavalier attitude towards veggies soon changed to one of intrigue, these recipes looked really good! The best part for me though was the ingredient index….makes it easy to see what recipes I can make with what I have available at the time.
Will definitely try these dishes out on my next Vegan girlfriend, she’ll be impressed for sure.


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Five foodie things to do this weekend (Oct. 31-Nov.1) Sunday is World Vegan Day — who knew!?! If, like us, you find yourself ill-prepard to organize a vegan potluck on such short notice, here’s list of area restaurants that specialize in vegan fare…Bonus: Ojai chef and author Randy Graham will be at Vegan Mario’s from noon to 3 p.m. Nov. 7 to sign copies of his newly published “Ojai Valley Vegan Cookbook,” $16.95

The Kim Pagano Show (KVTA 1590 AM)

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