So You’ve Inherited A Vegetarian


So You've Inherited A Vegetarian - 2nd Ed Cover (6x9)

This 244-page book book includes eighty-eight new vegetarian comfort-food recipes and features original water color images by Ojai artist and illustrator, Colleen McDougal. Half of the recipes are lacto-ovo and half are vegan. It is a nice bridge between my Ojai Valley Vegetarian Cookbook and my Ojai Valley Vegan Cookbook.

This second edition makes a number of significant changes. The most obvious is the size of 6×9-inch as opposed to the original 8×10-inch edition. The cover photo replaces Colleen’s beautiful water color rendition of my Ojai Valley Farmers’ Market “fresh market basket” photo with a new photo to be consistent with the covers on the other two cookbooks.

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or buy it at these cookbook friendly stores:

Ojai Valley Musrum

Bank of Books (Malibu)

Chaucer’s Bookstore (Santa Barbara)

Granada Books (Santa Barbara)

Lassens Natural Foods (7 locations)

Lavender Inn (Ojai)

Made In Ojai (Ojai)

Medicine Shoppe (Ojai)

Mrs. Figs Bookworm (Camarillo)

Ojai Village Pharmacy (Ojai)

Old Creek Ranch Winery (Ventura)

Skylight Books (Los Angeles)

Spice-Topia (Ventura)

Tecolote Book Shop (Montecito)

The Bookstore (Lompoc)

We Olive (Ventura)

Original edition reviews, press, etc.

Book launch and signing at Ojai’s Lavender Inn, December 9, 2013.

Photo: Randy Graham, Valley Vegetarian

Randy with illustrator Colleen McDougal

Photo: Randy Graham, Valley Vegetarian

Colleen McDougal (right) with friends Nancy Sandstrom (standing) and Sally Landry McNaughton.

Photo: Randy Graham, Valley Vegetarian

Lavender Inn owner, Kathy Hartley (right), with friends Pam and Bill Hicks.

See what others are saying about this book:

Stacey P. – Randy Graham’s So You’ve Inherited A Vegetarian…Now what? has helped me clear the fog about what my son, his girlfriend, my nephew, and my brother-in-law can eat. Living in a home where the man hunts the protein and the lovely wife (me) adds the potatoes and whatever vegetable I find, preparing meals we can all enjoy has been a bit frustrating. With this book all recipes are vegetarian and vegan dishes are clearly labeled in the index. What is a side dish for meat eaters is the main course for others. Easy peasey as my first graders say! My next recipe is Vegetable-Barley Soup, where leftovers become my lunches this week . Thank you Mr. Graham for the clarity I needed in menu planning and preperation.

Chris L. – Meat’s not the only thing that sticks to your ribs. Sauces and cheeses, in my opinion, make this the tastiest of all Randy’s books so far. Reading it is like having a conversation with an old friend.

Lol S. – As the title implies, this book is a primer for the carnivores among us who happen to have vegetarian family or friends. It also provides excellent meal ideas for meat eaters who also love excellent and creative vegetarian dishes. As with Randy’s previous books, this is a book for everybody who loves good food, vegetarian or otherwise!

Logan H. – For Christmas, we gave this to a friend who “inherited” a pair of vegetarians. The title made everyone laugh, it was a huge hit!! And the recipes are easy to follow too, which is huge when you’re entering this unknown territory of “vegetarian cooking.” Even for someone who is a tried-and-true carnivore (me!), Randy’s recipes are surprisingly REALLY tasty and satisfying. You definitely get the sense that he just loves to cook, and that he wants to share that with you. He doesn’t lecture you about the evils of meat or anything, he just lays out what tastes good and what works for him. I LOVE this cookbook!

Lea B. – Randy’s recipes are approachable and easy, while also inspired. The results are delicious. Watercolors throughout add an element of beauty to this cookbook. I’m delighted to add this to my cookbook collection.

Pecos Pean – This book is not just recipes, for meat lovers like me it was like taking a Vegetarian 101 class in college. The dialogue before each recipe and then the detailed steps makes it seem like the author is right there in the kitchen with you chatting and teaching. I also like the size of the book, big enough to easily see the ingredients yet small enough to not be in the way.

Gerald J. – If you’ve “inherited a vegetarian” let Randy help! Randy’s passion for food, GOOD food, keeps leading to one great recipe after another. Try it, you’ll like it!

Debra D. – This is another great collection of recipes from Chef Randy! He creates vegetarian recipes that will satisfy an omnivore – everyone at the table can be happy! His recipes aren’t intimidating, as some recipes can be. They are relatively simple and easy and tasty!

Cynthia K. – Great cookbook for local seasonal vegetarian fare! Simple to follow recipes with flavors to take it to a level that is far from boring!!! We all can enjoy vegetarian meals & cook beyond the normal American home meals of steamed veggies as a side dish…Thanks Randy your book will motivate us towards a healthy lifestyle.

Doc – I come from a family and culture of meat lovers and overall foodies that care about taste and now health. This book provided me with great recipes for the holidays. I made the bruschetta appetizers and they were a huge success, making a grand stand among all the meat plates. Also, the stories that preceded the recipes helps you get in the creative mood the author was in before you start to cook. Buen Provecho.

Shyam Y.– I haven’t eaten meat or fish for over 20 years. That’s over half my life.
But I never really considered myself a vegetarian before. That’s because I only ate the same foods over and over. Mostly pasta and cheese. It hasn’t been until lately that I’ve started to brave into the world of cooking for myself and realized not only how fun and exciting it can be but how many options there are for someone who doesn’t eat meat. Randy’s books (of which I recommend them all) are always full of recipes filled with new ideas as well as old favorites that have been renovated for new tastes. But his books are also full of fun. I get the feeling of joy that Randy must have in cooking and also in sharing. That feeling is catching as I find myself excited to do likewise. I would recommend this book to any vegetarian or friend of one. Who knows what you’ll discover about yourself!

Mary Jane – A must have cookbook even for a meat lover. Interesting reading along with simple, tasty recipes, beautiful illustrations and BIG PRINT, love it!! Would make a wonderful gift for anybody, but especially vegetarians.

BN1111 – So many times I’ve gone to a friend or family member’s home for dinner, was served a salad (only), and later found my friend or family member had worried and fretted for days over what to make for me. I’d be happy with whatever non-meat side dish they’d serve . . . or happy to bring my own dish, however, in most cases, that just isn’t acceptable. Randy Graham’s book gives a good, simple introduction to those lovely worriers by gently (and humorously) defining the different types of vegetarians, breaking down ingredients, and following up with the most delicious vegetarian (and some vegan) comfort food I’ve ever come across.

Brandy N – Vegetarians? Vegans? Trying to go vegetarian? Our good friend and neighbor, Randy Graham, wrote an incredible cookbook containing the most delicious comfort-food type recipes ever. I highly suggest checking out his book, and not just because he’ a friend, but because his recipes are amazing! (Peruvian empanadas . . . num num num!)

JC – Thoroughly enjoyed this informative, entertaining, creative and well written cookbook. Randy’s recipes are fun to read, easy to follow and delicious. I’d recommended this book to anyone who loves great food !

12barunR – Love Randy Graham and his amazing recipes. If you don’t eat meat this cook book will help bring delicious dishes to your table.

Interview: The Kim Pagano Show (KVTA) – December 5, 2013

Randy - Kim Pagano Show KVTA Dec 2013

In the KVTA studio with Kim Pagano. Photo: Kim Pagano

Interview: Tom and Sandy 805 (KVTA) – September 6, 2014

Photo: Lisa McKinnon

In the KVTA studio with Tom and Sandy 805 – Photo: Lisa McKinnon

Book Signings:

Photo: Stacey Jones

Signing books at the Ojai Certified Farmers’ Market – May 18 2014 (Photo credit: Stacey Jones – Ojai Coffee Roasting Company)

Randy - Book signing at Mrs. Figs May 9 2014

Book signing at Mrs. Figs’ Bookworm – Camarillo – May 9 2014

Randy - Book signing - Bank of Books - Malibu - March 22, 2014

Book signing @ Bank of Books – Malibu – March 22, 2014

Book signing at The Book Store in Lompoc – February 22, 2014

Photo: Randy Graham, Valley

Old Creek Ranch Winery – Book Signing May 4, 2014

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