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Dinner Recipes

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Summer Punch (nonalcoholic)

Here’s an old school summer cooler that is sure to wet your whistle on a hot summer day. I’ve been making it and serving it to kids of all ages for over 30 years. Good addition to your traditional beverages … Continue reading

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Bruschetta with Crispy Eggplant

Wikipedia says that bruschetta is “toasted Italian bread drenched in olive oil and served typically with garlic or tomatoes.” I say it is a blank canvas upon which you can add any topping of your choice. I like to serve … Continue reading

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Appetizer Recipes

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Cold Spring Rolls

Cold spring rolls are found throughout the world and are definitely not anything like traditional Chinese egg rolls. Egg rolls are typically made with meat, usually pork or chicken, and include vegetables such as cabbage. They are wrapped with a … Continue reading

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Savory Chèvre Crepes

Chèvre is the French name for cheese made with goat’s milk. Fresh goat cheese is soft, creamy, tangy, and easy to spread or melt. When it is mixed with fresh spinach and a little onion or garlic powder it makes … Continue reading

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Mushroom Goulash

The origins of goulash have been traced to the 9th century, to stews eaten by Magyar (Hungarian) shepherds. Before setting out with their flocks, the shepherds prepared a portable stock of food by slowly cooking cut-up meats with onions and other … Continue reading

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